Free JavaScript Minifier

Javascript Minify Tool

Minifying Javascript takes the quiet, well-formed JS code that you have composed and eliminates the spacing, impression, newlines, and comments. These are not needed for Javascript to run successfully. It additionally makes the Javascript harder to review when seeing the resource.

Many programmers will certainly preserve a 'pretty' variation, and upon release of their job run their scripts through a minification program. They likewise typically integrate their script data into a file.

A Minify Example

function pageOverlay() { $("#overlay").height($(window).height()); $("#overlay").width($(window).width()); $("#overlay").show(); }


function pageOverlay(){$("#overlay").height($(window).height());$("#overlay").width($(window).width());$("#overlay").show();}

Why use Javascript Minifier?

The function of minifcation is to boost the rate of an internet site. Minimization can make a script as much as 20% smaller, causing a much faster download and install time. Some designers will likewise utilize it to 'obfuscate' their code. This makes it challenging for the code to be reviewed, therefore making it harder to turn around engineer or copy.

It is also a typical method to integrate all the Javascript to declare a single website into one document. This has several benefits. It lowers the variety of HTTP demands that need to be made to get all the aspects of a site. It additionally makes minification and gzip compression more reliable.