Free Domain Age Checker


In on the internet service, exactly how well you "do" can straight be established by exactly how well you "understand.".

Due to the fact that what you understand is what you will use. And it is from what you apply that your outcomes will stem.

Having also the most apparently unimportant information can put you one step ahead of the competitors.

Certain, that includes critical understanding like recognizing exactly how to best win consumers for your business. However it likewise involves elementary details like the domain name age of your URL.

Which's why we produced this free, premium standard Domain Age Checker tool.


In basic terms, "Domain name Age" describes the quantity of time during which a domain name has actually existed. It is exactly how old a domain is.

So for instance, if a domain name was registered in 2010, the domain age will be ten years by 2020.

And what's a domain? It is the URL of a website, equally as That is, the address with which Internet customers can access your web site.


Domain Name Age Checker is a device we built mainly for the function of examining the age of any kind of domain on the Internet.

This is by far the most effective domain age inspecting tool you'll discover on the internet due to the fact that it is loaded with crucial domain name checking features.

Normally, other domain name age checkers simply show you the age of the domain mainly in years.

But Domain Name Age Mosaic by Softdipa is a lot more advanced.

Our domain name tool shows you, not just the age of your domain, however likewise the local time, day, month, and year the domain name was developed.

Yet that's not all:

Our domain name age checker also does the magic of revealing you even more information about your domain, consisting of:

  • The day the domain name was last upgraded on.
  • The domain name expiration day.
  • IP address (the IP address will tell you that is currently holding the internet site and the type of IP address it has).
  • Name servers attached to the domain.
  • Way back link for checking the history of the domain name in, including previous styles, formats, materials, etc.
    Registrar of the domain.

This implies the tool not only serve as your domain name age checker, but additionally as:

  • Domain expiration day checker.
  • Domain name IP address checker.
  • Host mosaic.
  • Domain web server checker.
  • Domain name registrar checker.

With those pack of attributes, you can just agree that this is not your ordinary domain age checker, but an innovative domain analyzer.

Oh, and did we discuss that you obtain every one of this for $0. Yes, entirely FREE. No surprise fees, no monthly fees. Actually, you can also utilize it without prior registration.


Our Domain Name Age Analyzer is so easy to use you would certainly think you are having a good time!

You can check a solitary domain or run a bulk domain name age check.

Below's exactly how:

  • Step # 1: To utilize the device, you'll first require to be on this web page ( where you are now.
  • Step # 2:On the text box given, enter your domain name( s) with http://.
  • Action # 3: As soon as you have actually entered your domain name( s), click "Examine Domain Name Age" to run the demand.

It'll take around a 2nd for our sturdy engine to return the result, which usually resemble this:

You can click on "Much more information" to watch various other details as this:

If you click on "Background of Domain," the engine will show you the back history of the domain name. If the domain name was signed up 15 years ago and was made use of for 5 years and discarded, and once more got registered and energetic 3 years back, the history will show all of that.

Currently this will certainly give you an exceptional idea of just how old the domain is. You will certainly likewise familiarize if it had one or more previous proprietors.

No other maker is this advanced in the whole of the Interweb.


There are different reasons you may intend to examine the age of a domain name, which are listed below.

Yet first, remember that you may choose to inspect:

  • The age of a currently existing domain you intend to acquire.
  • The age of your competitors' domain names.
  • Or simply the age of your own domain name.

Obviously, the primary reason for examining domain age is to recognize WHEN the domain was registered and HOW OLD it is now.

Currently, opportunities are that you currently understand when you registered your very own operating domain name. So if you were to examine it up, that's not the very best way to spend your time and will not do you a lot good (other than you have actually neglected when you registered your domain name).

That leaves us with the other two alternatives:

  • Checking the domain name age of a name you want to get.
  • Examining the age of completing domains.

Examining the age of your rivals' domain does nearly something for you: you now recognize just the length of time their domain have actually existed, which offers you a concept of what you're competing with.

On the other hand, examining the age of a domain you are seeking to purchase offers you a concept of what you will get involved in.

For these two reasons, below are the reasons recognizing domain name age matters:

  • You get to have a concept of the dimension of the backlink profile of the domain nameThere is a high opportunity that an aged domain name will have a greater web link profile.Why? Because it has existed for a lengthy while and might have gathered some links over time.The owner could have put in some initiative to build some top quality back links, and search engines do take into account the quantity and high quality of back links in placing a websites.The search engine optimization job carried out in the past by the previous proprietor to produce a great web link account can be a large plus for future owners.
  • You reach have an idea of just how well the domain performs in online search engine rankingsAs claimed just above, chances are that a long-existing domain (with a quality backlink account) will certainly do relatively well in search. As a matter of fact, the majority of Search engine optimizations think that domain age is among Google's ranking factors.If a domain has an excellent online search engine ranking, it will save you a great deal of search engine optimization time, money, and initiative. And checking its age gives you an idea of just how well the name could be doing in search.
  • You reach have a concept of how much traffic to expectA long-existing and well-known domain name will certainly be getting a fair amount of traffic.Although there are various other elements that figure out the quantity of website traffic a website obtains, like publishing routine content, and so on, a domain that has actually existed for a while will certainly still "normally" carry out much better than new ones in regard to natural or straight website traffic.
  • You reach have an idea of the domain's reputationBuying a totally brand-new domain indicates starting from scratch to build an excellent track record. Yet long-existing domain names in some cases hold a currently developed favorable credibility within their market segment.This implies that individuals have actually currently established some trust for the name, since it has actually existed and they recognize it already.Checking the domain name age gives you a concept of how much time it's been there.
  • You reach have a concept of just how bad the domain name may beWith the above 4 points in mind, you may start believing that all long-existing domain names come clean and heavenly.Don' t get it turned, they are not all perfect.After examining the age of a domain and locate that it has existed for long, you can then exert to discover if the domain has actually some negativism connected to it and for exactly how long.For circumstances, the previous proprietor may have been using black hat SEO methods to attempt to gain some search engine advantages. Another issue associated with some current domain is having a bad online reputation among users. Some customers may have obstructed the web site or tagged it as spam or malware. If these flaws are not eliminated, the future of the domain could be at stake.Checking the domain gives you a concept of how much time it has existed so you can carry out a below ground investigation before buying it.